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Herstellung von therapeutischem mikroschaum Production of therapeutic micro-foam translated from German DE T2. A method for producing a microfoam of Varizen Betätigungselement physiologically acceptable dispersible in Varizen Betätigungselement gas which is capable of being substantially completely dissolved in blood or absorbed by blood and an aqueous sclerosant, suitable for use in sclerotherapy of blood vessels, characterized in that in that it comprises passing a mixture of a physiologically acceptable dispersible in blood gas and an aqueous sclerosant through passages having at least one cross-sectional dimension of 0.

A method as claimed in any of the preceding claims, characterized in that the mixture of gas and sclerosant in the form of an aerosol, dispersion of bubbles in liquid or macrofoam is. A method as claimed in any one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the ratio of gas to liquid used in the mixture is 1 gram sclerosant -pressure to 6.

A method as claimed Laser-Behandlung Krampfadern Beine Bewertungen von any one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the aqueous sclerosant a solution of polidocanol or sodium tetradecyl Varizen Betätigungselement STS is in an aqueous carrier. A method as claimed in claim 11, characterized in that the carrier comprises a saline solution.

A method as claimed in Varizen Betätigungselement one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the cross-sectional dimension is the diameter and the apertures through which the gas and liquid mixture are passed to produce the microfoam diameter of 5.

A method as claimed in claim 13, characterized in that the passages of a diameter of A method as claimed in any Varizen Betätigungselement of the preceding claims, characterized in that the elements are spaced and are arranged along the direction of flow of the mixture in series. A method as Varizen Betätigungselement in any Varizen Betätigungselement of the preceding claims, characterized in that the mixture of gas and liquid is repeatedly passed through the same passages.

A method as claimed in any one Varizen Betätigungselement the preceding claims, characterized in that the gas is set to 0. A method Varizen Betätigungselement claimed in claim 17, characterized in that the gas is set to 0. A device as claimed in claim 20, characterized in that the housing further has an inlet for the here of the gas. Apparatus as in claim 20 or claim 21 as claimed, further comprising a gas-liquid interfacial contact point, in the passages, whereby the contact point, the ratio of gas to liquid passing through Varizen Betätigungselement, regulates so that the micro-foam with the required density is prepared.

Apparatus as claimed in any one of claims 20 to 22, characterized in that the ratio of gas and liquid in the Varizen Betätigungselement is controlled so that the micro-foam of a density from 0. Apparatus as claimed in claim 22 or claim 23, wherein the housing includes a chamber charged with the blood dispersible gas and the sclerosant, said Varizen Betätigungselement a riser tube with an inlet which opens into the liquid in the chamber, includes.

Apparatus as claimed in claim 24, wherein the tubing has an outlet opening at the gas-liquid interfacial contact point Varizen Betätigungselement the gas has access to the pathway to Varizen Betätigungselement pathway to the one or more outlet openings.

Apparatus as claimed in claim 24 or 25, wherein the pathway is opened or closed by a valve having an actuator element that is depressed or tilted to open up a pathway to the exterior, whereby said liquid rises in the dip tube under gas pressure and is mixed at the interfacial contact point with the gas to Varizen Betätigungselement an aerosol, dispersion Varizen Betätigungselement bubbles in liquid or macrofoam.

Apparatus as claimed in any one of claimswherein said elements have one or more, the passages of Varizen Betätigungselement. Apparatus as in any one of claims 20 to 26 claim, article source the have one or more elements, the passages of 0. Apparatus as claimed in claim 28, wherein the one or more elements are mounted in a cap on the valve, on the inlet side of the gas-liquid interface, the cap including an outlet nozzle.

Apparatus as claimed in claim 27, wherein the one or more elements within the housing between the gas-liquid interface and the valve mounted.

Apparatus as claimed in any one of click to 24 claims, characterized in that the gas-liquid interfacial contact point comprises holes in continue reading dip tube above the surface of the liquid used.

Apparatus as 31 to 26 or Varizen Betätigungselement in any one of claims 24, characterized in that the chamber is pressurized to 0. Apparatus as claimed in any of claims 24 to 26 or 31 to 32, characterized in that the aqueous sclerosant is in Varizen Betätigungselement second flexible gas and liquid-tight within the pressurizable chamber ready made chamber, the second chamber to the riser pipe around is sealed.

Apparatus as claimed in any one of claims Varizen Betätigungselement to 34, characterized in that it comprises a number of elements defining the passages are arranged with their major surfaces parallel to each other, perpendicular to the path. And through this passes, to direct the micro-foam, which further flows through the conduit, the valve is able to be adjusted to the microfoam by both the first and second to guide outlet conduits down or to close the inlet conduit, the syringe luer outlet being received by a first and second outlet conduits.

Apparatus as claimed in claim 36, comprising other than by its outlet nozzle to hold it Varizen Betätigungselement to one or more elements for coupling the micro-foam-producing apparatus. Vorrichtung, wie in Anspruch Varizen Betätigungselement beansprucht, weiterhin umfassend ein Basiselement, das ausreichend stabil ist, um eine Mikroschaum herstellende Vorrichtung neben einem Mehrwege-Ventil anzubringen, wobei der Einlass an der Auslassleitung der Mikroschaum-herstellenden Varizen Betätigungselement befestigbar ist.

Apparatus Varizen Betätigungselement claimed in claim 37, further comprising a base member, which is sufficiently stable to mount a microfoam producing device adjacent a multipath-valve, wherein the inlet to the outlet of the microfoam producing device is fastened.

Apparatus as claimed in claim 38, further comprising an activating element Varizen Betätigungselement works so that the path within the microfoam producing device is caused to be opened to the inlet port. The sclerosis of varices is based on the Varizen Betätigungselement of liquid Sklerosierungsmittelsubstanzen in the veins, which favor by inter alia-causing local inflammatory reaction, the elimination of these abnormal veins.

When a Sklerosierungssubstanz is injected in liquid form, it is mixed with the blood contained in the vein and is diluted in an unknown Krampfadern vor und Fotos. The results are uncertain due to overdosing or underdosing and they are limited to short varicose segments. If the size of varices, in which is to be injected decreases, this dilution is less and the results obtained are more predictable.

Until recently, sclerosis was a technique that has been selected in cases of small and medium varicose veins, those wherein mm were treated by surgery, with diameters equal to or greater than 7. Sclerosis and surgery complemented one another but sclerosis treatment continued to be inapplicable to large varices. If a Sklerosierungssubstanz was injected, were in this large varices their concentration in the vein, its homogeneous distribution in the blood and the time for which she was with the inner walls of the treated vessel in contact, not known.

When air is injected, but with thick veins described the phenomenon of displacement of the blood by the injected air does not occur but the air forms a bubble in the vein, which makes Иисусе Varizen, was scheint, сейчас method ineffective in these vessels. The same Varizen Betätigungselement had a few years later the idea to inject a foam containing by Varizen männliche Unterwäsche or shaking a container of sodium tetradecyl sulfate, which is Varizen Betätigungselement anionic Sklerosierungsdetergens with Varizen Betätigungselement good foaming power foaming capability was obtained.

The process was due to the large size of the bubbles formed of little use and it was due to the side effects of atmospheric nitrogen which is only slightly soluble in blood, dangerous. Both methods had limited practical effects, where they were used only for small varices. Incorporated herein by reference. These patents describe a http://o-s-wendt.de/wo-schafstiefel-von-krampfadern-zu-kaufen.php produced with a Sklerosierungs substance which, when injected into a vein, blood displaced and ensures that the sclerosing agent comes into contact with the endothelium of the vessel in a known concentration and a controllable time, whereby sclerosis of the entire occupied portion is Varizen Betätigungselement. The advantages of use of this foam are that it allows the concentration of the sclerosing agent in Varizen Betätigungselement blood vessel is known, since the Varizen Betätigungselement displaces the blood and is not diluted therein in to the extent as Varizen Betätigungselement simple liquid would be.

Moreover, it allows to ensure a homogeneous distribution of the sclerosis product in the vein, and a control of the time for which it is kept in contact with http://o-s-wendt.de/varizen-in-astana.php inner walls of the vein. None of these factors is known precisely or is controllable with the use of sclerosing agents in simple liquid form.

The preparation of such a microfoam may be carried out with a solution of any Sklerosierungssubstanz, particularly polidocanol, Alkalimetalltetradecylsulfat, for example, sodium salt, hypertonic glucose or Glucosaline solutions gluco-saline solutionsVarizen Betätigungselement chromic glycerolethanolamine ethanolamine oleatesodium Morrhuato or iodine V solutions Varizen Betätigungselement solutions.

Jedoch erfordern diese bekannten Verfahren die Herstellung des Mikroschaums durch den Arzt, Pharmazeuten bzw. Apotheker oder einen Assistenten, unmittelbar vor der Verabreichung an den Patienten. However, these known methods require the production of microfoam by the physician, pharmacist or pharmacist or an click immediately prior to administration to the patient. Such a method allows the variation of agent depending http://o-s-wendt.de/lungenarterien-auf-ct-wenn-thromboembolien.php the person preparing it, with content of gas, bubble size and stability all require Varikosis im Bad sein kann regarding the condition being treated.

It also requires a high degree of care and knowledge that may be difficult to replicate under pressure, ie, when the time that is available for producing the foam is short.

The method, which is described in particular in the aforementioned patents, uses a high-speed impact effect with a brush to generate a foam of correct property. Other techniques in use have been reported, produce no such uniform, stable or injectable microfoam and include in particular are those in which gas is bubbled example is bubbled into the sclerosant, eg due to leakage or seepage in a sclerosant-filled syringe from around the side of the syringe plunger.

A problem when using air as the gas for producing the foam is still on the recognition that large volumes of nitrogen should not unnecessarily be introduced into patients, particularly in the case where large vessels are filled with foam and eliminated.

Gas embolism with nitrogen remains a possibility. The solubility of physiological gases in aqueous fluids, such Varizen Betätigungselement blood varies considerably. Thus, while nitrogen so insoluble Varizen Betätigungselement water is almost twice as oxygen at STP, carbon dioxide over fifty times more soluble in aqueous liquids as nitrogen and over twenty-five times more soluble than oxygen.

Varizen Betätigungselement of gases in water at STP. At the present time is perceived that production of such microfoam with gases containing high proportions of gas include, already dispersed http://o-s-wendt.de/arzneimitteltherapie-fuer-venoese-geschwuere-und-diabetes.php blood, such as carbon dioxide, trophischen Geschwüren im Magen the purposes of minimizing the prospect of the treatment to cause a gas embolism, would be desirable.

Es wird jedoch durch die Fachleute bzw. However, it is also perceived by the experts and practitioners that this is a difficult task due to its high solubility in water. It would thus be rather desirable to provide a method for producing a relatively stable microfoam of uniform character that is readily producible using a relatively simple and reliable mechanism, as one involving the use of high speed mixing or -aufschlagen, wherein the time of power input can affect the foam property.

Such a needle Varizen Betätigungselement a very small diameter, for example, read article gauge needle inner diameter 0.

Typically they will be greater, for example, a to gauge needle inner diameter of 0. The rate at which the foam is passed down the needle can be such that any foam can be broken, but it is desirable that a foam is produced that is not broken down under normal injection conditions, ie at speeds associated with the control are compatible of the occurrence of foam into a vein.

For Varizen Betätigungselement, it should be an injection at rates of 0. It is further desirable to continue reading a device which with regard Varizen Betätigungselement the foam it generates particularly with regard to micro-organisms and pyrogens, is of sterile type.

It is particularly desirable to provide a sealed device which acts to produce a foam with a fixed property that is suitable for a given medical procedure without technical use of a doctor who will perform the procedure, or wizards thereof.

One form of device that could potentially provide these desired properties, a Aersolspender of a type that would be produced foams. This determines that the gas from which the foam is to be produced, itself must be pressurized to allow production of foam. By the inventors, it was found that water-soluble gases such as CO 2, are not capable of forming a stable foam when they were generated only by the fact that they were passed under pressure through a standard aerosol valve, as could be expected to a detergent solution such as a convert from polydocanol or sodium tetradecyl sulfate, in a foam.

Moreover, such a Varizen Betätigungselement is not to capable of being passed with no significant continue reading to the liquid and gas phases through a syringe needle.

Aerosol units that are capable of producing foam have been described in the prior art. Such a device is not sterile in operation Varizen Betätigungselement it is reliant on their content of the air Varizen Betätigungselement open. It would seem that a foam so produced would vary in its properties depending on how much air is sucked. A filter medium that can be used Acropor, an acrylonitrile-polyvinyl chloride copolymer, which is reinforced with a nylon net.

This filter membrane generally has a pore size of 0. US 5 US 5, Varizen Betätigungselement click al. Eine Vorrichtung zum Herstellen solcher Liposome wird ebenfalls offenbart. An apparatus for producing such liposomes is also Varizen Betätigungselement. The filtration is carried out to obtain a gaseous Varizen Betätigungselement liposomes of a substantially uniform size, preferably using a filtration assembly containing continue reading than one filter.

Es beschreibt Vorrichtungen, die Schaum durch den Durchgang eines Treibmittels durch ein Material mit Poren von 0,01 bis 3 mm Durchmesser auf einer unteren Treibmittelgas-enthaltenden Kammer zu einer Schaum-enthaltenden Kammer produzieren. It describes devices which produce foam by passage of the propellant through a material having pores of 0. The liquid to be foamed sits in the upper Kammmer or is absorbed by the porous material by shaking the container or from the lower chamber sucked up wicked up.

Similar bubbler devices bubbler devices are used in accessories for use with the "green" Aersolvorrichtungen which operate using air under low pressure, eg hand pump conditions. However, the present inventors have found that the use of the available Varizen Betätigungselement devices themselves, which are sterile in any case, no good microfoam, either with high aggregates of carbon dioxide due to outgassing even with the inclusion of significant amounts of glycerol which otherwise stabilizes microfoam can produce.

In addition, stuttering occurs when a significant back-pressure is applied to the outlet of such device, for example when it is attached to a syringe to be filled for injecting the foam.

The use of low ejection velocity with this device can cause wetting at the nozzle which results in click at this page bubbles caused by air entrapment. In any case the foams so, whether with oxygen or Varizen Betätigungselement dioxide were produced Varizen Betätigungselement to be very dry, with resultant need for high concentration of Varizen Betätigungselement to be included, and tendency to break at the passage along a needle.

It is preferable not to unnecessarily use high concentrations of sclerosant in the solution as this could result in an overdose, if a dispensing device should fail and should give a denser microfoam, eg, including a higher proportion of Varizen Betätigungselement than intended. There is thus a need to provide a method and an apparatus which are capable of producing Varizen Betätigungselement uniform injectable microfoam that with a relatively low concentration of a sclerosing agent and a significant amount of a gas that is dispersible in blood, in a sterile manner liquid without volatile propellant or the need for the user to be directly involved in the control of its parameters is made.

The Varizen Betätigungselement of the present invention have Varizen Betätigungselement developed Varizen Betätigungselement method and apparatus are provided which are able to address at least some of the aforementioned requirements, and have produced a new stable injectable Sklerosierungs-microfoam with this method trophische Ulkusbehandlung Forum these devices.

For purposes of this application, Varizen Betätigungselement terms have the link definitions: In a physiologically acceptable blood dispersible gas is a gas which is Varizen Betätigungselement of being substantially completely dissolved in or absorbed by blood blood. A sclerosant is a liquid that is capable of sclerosing blood vessels when injected into the vessel lumen.

Scleropathy scleropathy or sclerotherapy relates to the treatment of blood vessels to eliminate them. An aerosol is a dispersion of liquid in gas.

Varizen Betätigungselement

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