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The invention relates to an antiseptic agent containing KClO 3, as well as its preparation and its use. However, a drawback of this means is that a long storage without water is impossible, since in this case the decomposition comes about. Manchmal stellt dieses Mittel sogar ein explosives Gemisch Gegenanzeigen unter trophischen Geschwüren. Sometimes this means provides even an explosive mixture.

This is namely placed under special conditions in a dry environment and by the action of catalysts. Therefore, the preparations on the basis Bertholetsalz not count Gegenanzeigen unter trophischen Geschwüren the general common antiseptics among the population. The patent GB shows an antiseptic link, which is a powerful antiseptic. This product is non-toxically compared to the body tissues.

The agent includes a water solution of Gegenanzeigen unter trophischen Geschwüren dioxide and organic boron, for example.

The preparation is produced by mixing of chlorine dioxide with inorganic Bormischungen in the water. Here, additives can Gegenanzeigen unter trophischen Geschwüren used the following component ratio: Der Nachteil dieses Mittels besteht im Vorhandensein Gegenanzeigen unter trophischen Geschwüren Geruch, einer begrenzten Lagerungszeit, einem komplizierten Verfahren zur Komponentenvermengung sowie der Notwendigkeit, anorganisches Bor einzusetzen.

The disadvantage of this composition is the presence of odor, a limited storage time, a complicated process for Komponentenvermengung and the need to use inorganic boron. It is an object of the invention to provide a preparation which overcomes these disadvantages of the prior art and yet has all the properties of a rigid nutzvollen ken antiseptic.

This object is solved by the features Gegenanzeigen unter trophischen Geschwüren claim 1. The preparation can be reasonable as an antimicrobial disinfectant and germicide applied. The drug has a bactericidal, fungicidal and virulizide effect, including on internal use. Das technische Ergebnis der Erfindung besteht darin, dass dieses Mittel bei seiner Anwendung auf dem more info Gewebe giftlos ist.

The technical result of the invention is that this agent is non-toxically in its application to the living tissue. Further advantages are its resistance, long storage time without subsides its activity and its odorless.

It is also cheap and easy to Gegenanzeigen unter trophischen Geschwüren, it exhibits outstanding effect as an antiseptic at very low side effects. Des Weiteren ist es einfach anwendbar.

Furthermore, it is easy to use. As the largest share of the preparation water is added. Der Siedepunkt liegt bei ,3 0 C. Das antiseptische Mittel kann einfach hergestellt werden, beispielsweise durch Mischen der Ausgangsstoffe in an sich bekannter Weise.

The boiling point is at The antiseptic agent can be produced, for example by mixing the starting materials in a known manner.

Furthermore, its starting materials are far and widely available and inexpensive. In addition, the preparation is long term over three years resistant storable. Das Wesen der Erfindung kann wie folgt beschrieben werden: The essence of the invention can be described as follows: This agent thus provides a combination of antiseptic properties of Bertholetsalz KClO 3 and the capabilities of sulfuric acid H 2 SO 4 and water H 2 O to neutralize the decomposition reaction is.

The largest proportion in the composition of the agent forms the water. The quantitative composition of the agent can easily determine the expert Gegenanzeigen unter trophischen Geschwüren view of the above Gegenanzeigen unter trophischen Geschwüren and the desired effect as an antiseptic with Gegenanzeigen unter trophischen Geschwüren routine experiments.

It is known that the water solutions of perchloric acid by electronic oxidation of the dissolved in the strong acid salts or of chlorine and by subsequent reaction of the sodium or Kaliumperchlorate be generated under the action of strong inorganic acids. The anhydrous perchloric acid is produced as a result of the interaction of the sodium or Kaliumperchlorate with strong sulfuric acid as well Gegenanzeigen unter trophischen Geschwüren water solutions of perchloric acid with oleum.

The anhydrous perchloric acid is not suitable for long-term storage and transportation. It breaks down slowly during storage under normal conditions. This creates a typical chlorine oxides color. These chlorides are formed during the decomposition of the acid. In effect, these disassembled acid can explode themselves. Therefore, the preparation is based on the combination of the chlorine-containing acids in the water solution. The chlorine-based acids are from nature strong oxidants in their contact with body tissues.

This is due to the acids contained in this chlorine and oxygen atoms. Thanks to these properties, the preparation of a strong bactericidity. Sie erzeugen ein saures Medium. The chlorides - chloride - containingthese acids in the separation of chlorine and oxygen atoms.

Therefore, the preparation of the pathogenic click to see more is harmful one. As the skin and the mucosa of human tissue fertilize mainly of water, carbonaceous connects and amino acids, no chemical interaction is with the water of the preparation state.

Therefore, visit web page preparation is characterized by Giftlo- sigkeit for exposure on living tissue. The preparation is stable. It can be stored in the lightwithout its Gegenanzeigen unter trophischen Geschwüren is reduced in the Glassware within 3 years interessante Fakten Krampfadern more.

The preparation can be applied at different degrees of dilution. Gegenanzeigen unter trophischen Geschwüren normal conditions, the drug no odor. The preparation may должны blau Jod trophische Geschwüre попали means of conventional mixing of water H 2 Opotassium chlorate KClO 3 and sulfuric acid H 2 SO 4 are produced in the person skilled in the known manner.

For a simplicity in the production of the preparation and its low price can be achieved. All three components of the preparation - potassium chlorate, water and sulfuric acid - are far and wide open.

The boiling point of the preparation is 0 C to 0 C, preferably about The test results have proved the identity of the Gegenanzeigen unter trophischen Geschwüren properties of the preparation after storage. The efficacy of the preparation was preserved. The effectiveness of Gegenanzeigen unter trophischen Geschwüren action was tested on test bacteria cultures of some Mikrobearten in scientific research Institute of Microbiology in Rostov-on-Don.

The action of the preparation results showed the efficiency in the form of percent after destruction mechanisms of the claimed preparation by the micro-organisms. The preparation was also tested for the action of the cholera pathogen Vibrio cholerae.

The tests were in scientific research institute for Antipestuntersuchungen, Rostov-on-Don, carried out. The experiments were performed on 63 Versuchssaugkaninchen. The results show a complete destruction of the cholera bacteria after contact with the product.

The preparation can also be used Gegenanzeigen unter trophischen Geschwüren alimentary Toxikoinfektionen. The preparation should be introduced as soon as possible. Sometimes the introduction of a probe can take place. The germicidal effect of the preparation as well as its Epithelisierungswirkung be determined at different burns, trophic ulcers, festering wounds with different microflora. The preparation is applied to the abscess cavities, in the caves of empyema, etc.

It is also used for the flushing of different body cavities. The application of the agent can be carried out in at antiseptics known manner, for example. As on the skin. The "versatility" of verstärken Schiffe Varizen applications of the preparation makes it possible to moisten the wound cover dressing with it and repeat moistening after some time. This keeps the infection developing in the wound for a long time back.

It is also possible the drug at the first sign of intestinal infections and take in the special piece prophylaxis of cholera, because the development of such infections can be prevented. There were detected no contraindications of the preparation. The side effects of the preparation can cause a dull feeling in the mouth. In the inner taking this effect is eliminated by the mouth wash with water. For local application, a slight burning sensation may arise, however, which goes by pretty fast.

Country of ref document: Kind code of ref document: Antiseptic with Bertholetsalz potassium chlorate KClO 3characterized gekenneichnet that it additionally contains sulfuric acid H 2 SO 4 and water H 2 Owherein the main proportion of the preparation of water H 2 O and the boiling mit Krampfadern of the preparation at 0 C to 0 C, preferably Antiseptic composition according to claim 1, characterized in that to effect the combination of the antiseptic properties of Bertholetsalz KClO 3 and the capabilities of sulfuric acid H 2 SO 4 and water H 2 Othe neutralization of decomposition reactions having.

Antiseptic agent according to claim 1 or 2, characterized in that the chlorine and oxygen atoms contained in the acids have a strong bactericidity.

Antiseptic according to one of claims 1 to 3, characterized in that they create an acidic medium. Antiseptic according to one of claims 1 to 4, characterized in that the separation of chlorine and oxygen atoms Gegenanzeigen unter trophischen Geschwüren contact living tissue make pathogenic Gegenanzeigen unter trophischen Geschwüren harmless.

Antiseptic agent according to claim 1 to 5, characterized in that the preparation is applied at different degrees of dilution. The method Gegenanzeigen unter trophischen Geschwüren producing the agent Gegenanzeigen unter trophischen Geschwüren to any one of claims 1 to 6, wherein KClO 3, H 2 SO 4 and H 2 O are mixed, so that the boiling point of the preparation at 0 C to 0 C. Use of the agent according to one of claims 1 to 6 as read article antiseptic.

DE DEU1 en Antimicrobial composition for topical application for pharmaceutical or cosmetic purposes comprises elemental silver nanoparticles deposited on an inert support. Disinfectant on Gegenanzeigen unter trophischen Geschwüren basis of alcohols and its utilization in the disinfection of the skin. Process for the chemical treatment and disinfection of waters and aqueous systems. Preparation for treating go here skin wounds and process for manufacturing said preparation.

Viricidal agent for disinfecting skin and hands - contains lower alcohol and salt of lower carboxylic acid. Pharmaceutical preparation for treating inflammations of the Krampfadern, für Produkte mucous membranes.

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